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"A Midlife Less Ordinary" is the not so series guide to being cool older dudes by two middle-aged British guys "Wayne & Trev" Who have decided to take midlife on by encouraging others to make the most of their lives. This genuine and humorous podcast is accessible to all and features a variety of topics presented in an easy to digest format.Season 1 featured the guys going on a nostalgic trip and approached a few masculine topics such as beard clubs, growing beards, grooming and exercising. Season 2 has a more broader appeal as the guys invite expert hobbyist's onto the show who showcase their pastimes and offer advice whilst other episodes focus on up and coming musicians and artists and showcase their talents and how we can all enjoy their work. Whatever the subject is, as others have found, you will have a good time with Wayne & Trev, new episodes every Sunday.



episode 7: UK Music Festivals - Ramblin Middle Aged Man [transcript]

Date: 21st February 2021

Name of show: A Midlife Less Ordinary

Episode title and number: Ramblin Middle-Aged Man   Se1Ep7

UK Music Festivals

 Brief summary of show:

Ramblin Middle-Aged Man is Wayne & Trev’s dissection of the UK Music festival scene. The title is paying homage to a now regular annual festival visit that Wayne & Trev enjoy which is the Ramblin Man festival held at Mote Park in Maidstone Kent. Wayne & Trev offer their unique insight into the Uk music festival scene and Trev reviews the top ten which is sure to offend some people in the4 nicest possible way.


Bullet points of key topics & time stamps:

Trev: 16:17 

·       Yeah, I was it through my levels. Yes, six days. I remember a guy from our eye level. College came with us as well, my brother, my cousin. And I remember like somebody peed on the back of my brother's jeans during cases set which was really, really fun.


Trev: 20:43 

·       just very quickly, before we carry on. I'll have to apologize if there's like a snoring or a buzzing sound or whatever you know, it's not me No, it's not it's actually my cat asleep next to me. It's not us actually falling asleep. live on air.

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