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Mothers By Not-Birth, How Did You Get to 'Mom'?

There’s a phrase that almost every mother knows, and that’s the “birth story.” It’s the story of the day you gave birth — the day you definitely became a mother.But there are many mothers who did not give birth. They adopted, became stepmoms or god moms.Today we're asking: if you are a mom not-by-birth (especially if this is your first Mother's Day celebrating), how did you become a mother? And feel free to keep your stories coming on Twitter - tweet @BrianLehrer anytime.Love that @BrianLehrer is giving air time to moms who did not give birth to their children ahead of Mother's Day. Motherhood is so diverse. — alex neason (@alexandrianeas) May 6, 2016You’re making my mother-in-law cry, @BrianLehrer! — Liza (@zealousidler) May 6, 2016Oh boy @BrianLehrer I can't drive and listen to this! Tears everywhere! — Jenna Citron (@Jac05f) May 6, 2016This @BrianLehrer Show segment is making me want to call my mom right now. #HappyMothersDay — Benjamin Fang (@BenFang93) May 6, 2016very into all these moms crying on @BrianLehrer rn — ponybear (@ponybear) May 6, 2016That's the idea. Call your moms, folks! (Heads-up: if they're listening to the show right now they might be crying.) — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) May 6, 2016


 2016-05-06  12m