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A podcast about the business of video games, by Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani of Paradox Interactive.


episode 2: Perfectly Balanced Player Feedback - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to the Paradox Podcast, where we talk about the business of video games and try to explain why we do the stuff we do.
Today, Shams and Daniel are joined by Rikard Åslund, a Studio Manager at PDS, to talk about player feedback, its value, how to best submit it & how we balance your suggestions with market research!
0:15 Intro & Guest Introduction
10:37 Subject of the day: Player Feedback
15:02 Dev Diaries & learnings from Imperator
22:46 Player comments vs metrics & KPIs
28:23 Your games suggestions vs market research
33:50 What is the future of fan interaction?
35:23 Do we read all feedback?
36:15 What is the best & worst way to give feedback?
39:17 Wrapping up & Dad Jokes (help…)

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 2021-02-24  41m