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episode 80: MC Hammer is right about science – Nasturtium, Helia Bravo Hollis, icebergs

On a week that exhausted us both we slowly descend into madness and conspiracy theories. This episode could be the last that you hear from us – but it won’t be. We talk about a cool genus of plants, Mexican botanist Helia Bravo Hollis and the right way to draw icebergs. 

  • The Song of Achilles
  • Flora and Friends Podcast
  • Tropaeolum/Nasturtium 
  • Flashes in the Twilight – Science Talk Archive
  • Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)
  • ‘Flashes upon the inward eye’ : Wordsworth, Coleridge and ‘Flashing Flowers’ – Wordsworth Grasmere 
  • New waterproof surface is ‘driest ever’
  • How to use nasturtium & recipe collection
  • Thank you, Luis de Luna!
  • Helia Bravo Hollis (1901 – 2001) Google Doodle in her honour, A lifetime among Cacti: Helia Bravo-Hollis – Biodiversity Heritage Library 
  • MC HAMMER on Twitter: “You bore us. If science is a “commitment to truth” shall we site all the historical non-truths perpetuated by scientists 
  • ? Of course not. It’s not science vs Philosophy … It’s Science + Philosophy. Elevate your Thinking and Consciousness. When you measure include the measurer.…” 
  • Impact of Bt Brinjal Cultivation in the Market Value Chain in Five Districts of Bangladesh 
  • The Impacts of GM Foods: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Bt Eggplant in Bangladesh
  • Vivid biofluorescence discovered in the nocturnal Springhare (Pedetidae)
  • Iceberger
  • There’s a Secret Message Coded Into Percy’s Parachute. But It’s Not The Only One  
  • Calibrating Mars
  • Percy Rover on TwitterA new reproductive mode in anurans: Natural history of Bokermannohyla astartea (Anura: Hylidae) with the description of its tadpole and vocal repertoire
  • Sticking to its roots: taking action to save the sweet potato’s name | Kew
  • (2786) Proposal to change the conserved type of Ipomoea, nom. cons. (Convolvulaceae)
  • Australia: Oldest rock art is 17,300-year-old kangaroo

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 2021-02-26  1h35m