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Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy, crime, horror and conspiracy podcast. If you love anything bizarre and unusual, from aliens to serial killers.You'll feel right at home with Strange Brew's hosts Tomcat and Billy Kirby. Join them on strange journeys with their many different Guests, as they drink and discuss the Creepy and weird sides of Life. Crack a cold Canadian Beer and get Ready Because... It's about to get Strange!


episode 171: The Most Evil Popes in History!

On this week’s strange topic, we will be talking shit about the catholics... The pope is the bishop of Rome as head of the roman catholic church. The pope is the leader of one the biggest religion and meets with heads of state and maintains diplomatic relations with more than 100 countries but for supposedly being men of god and the holiest of holy’s. There is always darker side to religion in general and we will be discuss the most evil popes in history!


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 2021-02-28  1h7m