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We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn't for foodies, it's for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman, who's also the inventor of the new pasta shape cascatelli. James Beard and Webby Award winner for Best Food Podcast. A Stitcher Production.


Mission: ImPASTAble 1 | Spaghetti Sucks

Spaghetti doesn’t hold sauce. Angel hair goes from zero to mush. Wagon wheels are gimmicks. These are just a few of Dan’s many frustrations with classic pasta shapes. Three years ago he set out to do better when he embarked on a quest to invent a new pasta shape, actually get it made, and actually sell it. And things have not gone as planned. Starting today, we’re telling the story of Dan’s quest in a five-part series; part 2 is also up now. Will the world have a new pasta shape? Or will Dan’s dreams fall as flat as an overcooked rigatoni?

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 2021-03-01  30m
Folge 1/5 über das Projekt eine neue Nudelsorte zu erfinden. Unterhaltsam produziert, featureartig dokumentiert der Host seine Recherche und insbesondere all die Menschen, die sich an den Kopf fassen und ihm sagen, dass das eine doofe Idee ist.
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