Gold Code aka Raf Zevallos-Crowe, is a dj/producer based in Orange County, California. A lifelong music lover, collector and veteran dj, Raf's eclectic sets run the gamut of dance music with a base in house and techno. Growing up in 1980s Los Angeles, he was initially inspired by radio mixshows and djs such as: Doc Martin, Rob One, Michael "Mixxin" Moore, and 1580 KDAY Mixmasters. Moving to San Francisco in 1992, he immersed himself in its underground scene. Attending parties lead to working them and eventually to djing. He played his first warehouse in 1996 and spent the next 10 years djing and producing some of San Francisco’s most infamous parties and club nights. "Gold Code" was initially founded as a music blog in 2007. The site showcased past, present, and future classics and as well as his personal edits and dj mixes. In 2009, he focused his efforts on music production and a live show. He adopting "Gold Code" as his moniker and debuted a well-received live set at the celebrated “As You Like It” parties...



OMAKASE, episode 285 Airdate: 02/28/2021 DJ: Gold Code *TRACKLIST* [artist, title] 1. Daft Punk, Revolution 909 2. LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Re-Remix) 3. Daft Punk, Rollin’ & Scratchin’ 4. Thomas Bangalter, Spinal Scratch 5. Daft Punk, Steam Machine 6. Le Knight Club, Palm Beat 7. Roy Davis Jr., Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalter’s Start-Stop Mix) 8. Scott Grooves, Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix) 9. Thomas Bangalter, Shuffle! 10. Daft Punk, Daftendirekt 11. Thomas Bangalter, Ventura / Into The Tunnel 12. Daft Punk, Da Funk 13. Zomby, Daft Punk Rave 14. Daft Punk, Musique 15. Benjamin Theves, Texas (Original Rox) 16. Daft Punk, Television Rules the Nation 17. Thomas Bangalter, Outrun 18. Daft Punk, The Brainwasher 19. Thomas Bangalter, Roulé Boulé 20. Le Knight Club, Mosquito 21. Ian Pooley, Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix) 22. Le Knight Club, Hysteria 23. I:Cube, Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Remix) 24. DJ Sneak vs. Le Knight Club, Intergalactik Disko (DJ Sneak’s version) 25. Le Knight Club, Coco Girlz 26. Daft Punk, Fresh 27. Thomas Bangalter, Club Soda 28. Stardust, Music Sounds Better With You (12” Club Mix) 29. Thomas Bangalter, Extra Dry 30. Daft Punk, Too Long (Gonzales version) 31. Daft Punk, Too Long 32. Daft Punk, The New Wave (Full Length) 33. Le Knight Club, Nymphae Song 34. Daft Punk, Teachers 35. Le Knight Club, Soul Bells 36. Daft Punk, Crescendolls 37. Daft Punk, Robot Rock 38. Breakwater, Release The Beast 39. Daft Punk, Around The World (Daft Punk Edit) 40. Daft Punk, Around The World 41. Daft Punk, Veridis Quo 42. Daft Punk, One More Time (Romanthony’s unplugged) 43. Thomas Bangalter, Spinal Beats *LINKS*


 2021-03-01  2h10m