GM Word of the Week

You can’t spell Game Master without “pretentious.” Well, you can, actually. But let’s pretend you can’t so I can make a point. My point is a good Game Master needs a lot of big, fancy words at their disposal to make their flavor text as confusing as possible. Oops. I mean engaging, not confusing. More at


Hollow Earth

Even some of the greatest minds the world has ever known can make mistakes, but when Edmund Halley made his he was only doing the best he could with the information at hand. Aside from not writing down how to pronounce his name, or even spelling it consistently, his biggest mistake was made while trying to explain why two things that should have been relatively fixed points kept moving around. But thank goodness he made that mistake. If he hadn’t, the worlds of fiction and gaming would be much less interesting. Our YouTube Channel: Joining our Patreon is easy. Try it!


 2021-03-03  24m