Giant Monster Messages

Podcast where a fan and a first timer find the messages in Giant Monster and kaiju Movies. We cover the history and what happens with King Kong, Godzilla, Gamera, and all those other Giant Monsters. Structured format for each episode: History Plot Talking Points Messages Final Thoughts Listener feedback and thoughts


T9: Showa Godzilla Films

Top 9 Favorite Showa Godzilla Films

We welcome GMan in for our Favorite Top 9 Showa Godzilla films. Gman and Joshua fight for the title of "Godzilla Gatekeeper" and we have the DEFINITIVE TOP 9 SHOWA GODZILLA list!

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Main Theme and Stingers Written by Matthias Fluor

Art by Laser 'lizard' Lluis

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 2021-03-03  1h3m