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Day Two Cloud 087: Inside The World Of A Technical Marketer

Engineers are skeptical about vendor marketing–for justifiable reasons. Marketing language is typically filled with uninformative buzzwords, hype, and exaggerated claims.
Instead of telling you what a product does or how a product works, vendor marketing insists that its hardware is powered by rainbows, the software is written by magic unicorns, and all your IT problems will be solved if you buy it.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. On today’s show we talk with a technical marketer who wants to actually help engineers. His goal, and that of others like him, is to create practitioner-focused collateral that provides concrete information and can help engineers make decisions.
Our guest is Martez Reed, Director of Technical Marketing at Morpheus Data. He makes the case for Technical Marketing Engineers (TMEs) as being on your side.
We discuss:

* How the audience for technical marketing is different from Web site copy and press releases
* Creating content for engineers and practitioners
* Maintaining technical chops as a TME
* The role of storytelling and aligning messages
* The content creation process
* More


There are openings for TMEs out there–folks who are engineers fit here.
Communication skills are crucial. How do you relay information? Craft emails? Craft presentations for public consumption that aren’t too detailed/tedious? Can you both inform and persuade at the same time?

Show Links:
@GreenReedTech – Martez Reed on Twitter – Martez’s blog
Martez Reed on LinkedIn
martezr – Martez Reed on GitHub


 2021-03-03  45m