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episode 778: George Li is launching MiTEE Cube Satellites and making TikToks

George Li is a photographer, TikToker, and is currently working on the MiTEE 2 satellite platform at the University of Michigan with NASA and JPL. As an R&D member of the Communications subteam, we is currently developing a microwave communications power splitter system for the MiTEE 2 Satellite platform. Today he talks to Scott about all things CubeSat!

  • MiTEE CubeSat Home Page
  • George Li on TikTok
  • All About CubeSats at NASA
  • Concept Art of a Cube Sat
  • CubeSat to test using Earth's magnetic field for propulsion
  • The MiTEE inside a test chamber


 2021-03-04  32m