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episode 206: What are you doing with your COVID time? Writing books I see!

COVID has a lot of us sitting at home twiddling our thumbs. But some have chosen to do a bit more than that. In this episode we’ll have Armin Briegel back on to discuss his latest book on the command line!

  • Armin Briegel
  • Tom Bridge - @tbridge777
  • Charles Edge - @cedge318


  • macOS Terminal and Shell
  • Terminal Primer
  • macOS User Groups
  • SSH for Mac Admins
  • Obscure Terminal Features
  • Installomator
  • Mac OS X Command Line Book (2008)


  • Kandji
  • VMWare Workspace One
  • Halp
  • Watchman Monitoring

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 2021-03-08  1h1m