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Do you find yourself standing on the edge of a high dive wishing you could cannonball with fearless exhilaration like you did when you were ten? But you're frozen. What's holding you back? Fear of the unknown? Procrastination? Self-doubt? Others judging you? Fear of failing? This podcast is about making connections and having conversations that will inspire you to action. Amy Schmidt is right alongside you on this journey, and you'll feel like you're sitting on the couch with her, as her guests share their incredible stories and their insight. Let's change the narrative around midlife. It's not a crisis, it's an opportunity. Let's #cannonballwithconfidence We haven't peaked yet; we are just getting started.


EP8: The things that make me different make me, me [transcript]

The things that make me different make me, me.
This interview will leave an imprint on your heart and / or inspire you to action. Maybe this story is similar to your own, or you can think of someone that has lived their life with autism. Think about navigating your life...being different.  Being unique and not completely understood. Maybe you are a parent of a child, or have an adult child with autism and have experienced this journey.  Maybe you have a friend or family member that has autism. I always talk about opening your circles...becoming horseshoes, and allowing yourself to step outside your comfort zone and put fear and uncertainty aside.  As an adult, living with Asperger's, Alex Fischetti, has done just that, and does it everyday.  Hear his voice, his inspiring story of challenge, some difficult moments, but in the middle of it all lies opportunity.
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 2019-11-11  22m