Bloody Blunts Cinema Club

Welcome to the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! In this podcast, creative artist DeVaughn Taylor (me writing this) celebrates his favorite horror & genre films while burning heaps of the Devil's Lettuce. Not only discussing what he loves about certain films, but what sub-genres make that particular film work. This podcast also split its time between intimate solo episodes and episodes featuring filmmakers & creators from the horror community. New episodes every Tuesday: so take a hit and pass that spooky shit!


THIRST & ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE ft. Laura Di Girolamo: Love Sick Vol. 4 (BBCC #44)

Never too late for a little more love! Closing out Love Sick month (in March) with a double-feature of sexy vampires! Laura Digi joins the podcast to talk about healthy and toxic relationships, how to film a realistic sex scene, and why vampires are the most romanticized monster in horror. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit!

New episodes (usually) every Tuesday! Next week we take a trip to the outdoors to begin Surviving Nature month with WRONG TURN and CABIN FEVER. Subscribe to not miss an episode!

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