Classic 45's Jukebox

We scour piles of old 45s for the very best in all Rock'n'roll and soul genres to feature snippets in our online jukebox. This podcast gets the jukebox to you in a great new way.


True True Love by Corvairs

Label: Comet 2145 dj
Year: 1962
Condition: M-
Price: $75.00

This is a new, unplayed promo copy from the Louise Neal 45 Collection. Wow! OK, I confess: I love this kind of Doo Wop, with that hard-to-imitate bass man spilling out nonsense syllables that somehow sound great together! The flip is another uptempo number, but it can't compare to the glories of "True True Love." I fell for it so quickly I had to get a copy in our "jukebox"... so have a listen and see what you think. Note: This white-label promo's labels and vinyl grade Near Mint to reflect very light storage wear. Fortunately, once cleaned the grooves on this original 1962 pressing preserve the glorious Mint sound they had when brand new... a real treat!


 2016-05-10  1m