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episode 156: 10 Reasons to Start Repurposing Content | Ep. 156

The secret to marketing has always been messaging and attention. This combination is how you share the truth that's inside of you, and how you get in front of all those people.

This week we're talking about why you should create less and repurpose more, the secrets of content marketing. I'll be listing my top ten reasons why content marketing should include repurposing content and why it's probably more important than the content creation itself. 


  • Discover statistics behind content discovery
  • Choose your comfort zone for the creation process and then use repurposing to get your content where others find it
  • Find out how to amplify your message
  • Learn to have the algorithm work for you 


"Creating content for your brand is one of the best ways to help people discover you, get them to like you, and ultimately convince them to purchase from you."

"Today's the day to start creating content to help you find your voice, develop your message and speak to your customers through your content. There are so many choices today for content creators. There are no excuses anymore."

"Most of the content creators I've met (or see what they put out there) are doing a great job creating, but are not fully amplifying their message."


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 2021-03-10  17m