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episode 602: Random Penguin House - NFTs and creators, Google Empathy Lab, FLoC and cookies, Twitter reinvention

  • What the heck are these NFTs all about?
  • $10K for a virtual shoe? NFTs are here to create more sneakers you can't get
  • Performance artist eats $120,000 banana duct-taped to wall, calls it 'delicious'
  • After journalist complains about harassment women face, famous male journalists encourage more harassment of her
  • NYU study: far-right misinformation is more engaging
  • Inside the Google Empathy Lab
  • Burger King's terrible tweet
  • Google's FLoC Is a Terrible Idea
  • Google flags higher ad rates in France, Spain after digital tax
  • Harry and Meghan: The union of two great houses, the Windsors and the Celebrities, is complete
  • Google hosting Cloud Next '21 conference in October, virtual/physical format not yet set
  • Mobile World Congress says it will be in person in Spain in June
  • For Creators, Everything Is for Sale
  • Want to borrow that e-book from the library? Sorry, Amazon won't let you
  • Twitter working on overhaul of Tweetdeck
  • Twitter is Reinventing Itself
  • Twitter is testing an 'undo' option after sending tweets
  • Russia moves to slow Twitter's speed after protest row
  • Twitter sues Texas AG, claiming retaliation for Trump ban
  • Texas governor wants to ban social media from banning
  • A Leading Critic of Big Tech Will Join the White House
  • Camera-based Google Fit heart & respiratory rate tracking rolling out to Pixel
  • Google Voice won't forward texts to outside #s anymore
  • Google gives Chrome Android hub for its birthday
  • Google Chrome moving to 4-week update cycle for faster feature rollouts
  • Google Photos' new advanced video editor starts rolling out
  • Google Meet breakout rooms can now be set up before calls using Calendar
  • Google TV 'kids' profiles' arrive on Chromecast this month w/ parental controls, time limits
  • Android Auto split-screen support begins rolling out for vehicles with wide-screen displays
  • Follow our podcast': Apple Podcasts to stop using 'subscribe'
  • Internet Archive Scholar launched
  • Stanford AI Index
  • Arby's Has an Answer to Plant-Based Meat: A Meat-Based Carrot
  • T-Mobile to Step Up Ad Targeting of Cellphone Customers


  • Mathew: Four year anniversary of this epic interview
  • Mathew: Man builds video-rental store in his basement
  • Jeff: Ending the Civil Journey
  • Jeff: Pandemic blamed for plummeting birthrates across Europe
  • Ant: Adobe Max Dates announced (virtually).
  • Ant: Super Resolution Feature from Adobe Announced
  • Ant: Story pissed me off, but there's a personal spin
  • Leo: Unhook - Remove YouTube Recommended Videos

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Ant Pruitt

Guests: Mathew Ingram and Trey Ratcliff

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 2021-03-11  2h51m