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"Change Agents" with Dr. Doug Morgan - March 2021 Bonus Episode

Matthew sits down with Dr. Doug Morgan of Washington Adventist University to talk about his new book, Change Agents. Change Agents tells the story of Black Adventists and their campaign for equality in the Church during the first half of the twentieth century. Dr. Morgan has written a number of influential books and articles in the field of Adventist history, including Adventism and the American Republic (available for free) and a biography of Lewis Sheafe. You can pick up Change Agents on Amazon.

You can also watch this episode on the AHP YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: Matthew will always tell you when an episode is being sponsored. He purchased Change Agents himself and receives no benefit should you choose to do the same.

Note: This interview was conducted over Zoom, and so the audio (and video) quality is... Zoomy.

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 2021-03-11  48m