For the Love of Brick: Interviews with LEGO Enthusiasts

For the Love of Brick is a podcast for people, young and old, who love LEGO. Join Greg McDonald, a fellow LEGO enthusiast, as he interviews people from all over the world about their love of LEGO and explores the different ways it features in people's lives. We will meet builders, artists, health workers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. For the Love of Brick celebrates people and their unique connections with LEGO. Tune in every fortnight for a new episode.


episode 5: Andrew Tuppen and Damian Hinds - Clicking Bricks

Greg meets with Andrew Tuppen and Damian Hinds, known by many as last year’s runner-ups of LEGO Masters Australia, but their love of LEGO extends much further than the limits of the show. They reflect over their time on LEGO Masters but also discuss how the show has allowed them to launch their own LEGO business, Clicking Bricks – where they continue to spread their love of LEGO with others whilst often supporting valuable community organisations and schools in the process. Greg can’t help but get caught up in their genuine joy and enthusiasm for the colourful plastic bricks in this episode.     To learn more about Andrew and Damian’s newest LEGO adventure, Clicking Bricks, visit their website:, or follow their socials on FB: and IG: .     --   Thanks for listening :) Don’t forget to subscribe to us, wherever you get your podcast fix. Drop us a line by email (fortheloveofbrick[at] or at our socials if you want to say hi! Twitter:, IG:, or FB:


 2021-03-11  59m