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episode 47: Dynamic Descriptions + Making an NPR Podcast in Just 3 Days [transcript]

In this episode, Alban shares his top tips for running an event on Clubhouse, we discuss the newest Buzzsprout features, dive into Apple's decision to abandon "subscribers," and Travis explains what went into creating the last episode of Buzzcast in only 3 days.

If you haven't listened to the last episode of Buzzcast, be sure to check out "The Day Podcasts Stopped."

New features from Buzzsprout

  • Daily Downloads
  • Episode Number Helper
  • Images in Chapter Markers
  • Dynamic Descriptions

Links from today's episode

  • Podnews: Apple Podcasts to stop using "subscribe"
  • Tom Webster: Subscription Confusion, Resolved
  • Eric Nuzum, "Make Noise"

Special thanks to those how helped us promote our "How to Start a Podcast in 2021" video

  • Carol Marks, "Carol Remarks"
  • Greg Collins, "Substitute Teachers Lounge"
  • Tom Raftery, "Climate 21"
  • Eric Nordhoff, "Courage Cast - Build Your Belief"
  • Dariush, "The denimheads podcast"
  • Abdulrahman, "Civil Engineering Vibes"
  • Richie Brand, "1 Star Recruits"

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 2021-03-12  54m