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episode 224: The Comics Agenda: The Most Heart Poundings, Pulse Stopping, Exhilarating Episode Ever

We start out the episode celebrating Mario Day, We talk about some of our favorite Mario games and some of our favorite characters. After that we jump into discussions of our favorite Hitchcock movies and which ones we could watch over and over again. 

Michael brings us a story about a upcoming movie about a cocaine bear that is based on a true story. What would we like to see in the movie and what type of cinematic universe could happen?

We revisit  both Last Witch and  Scouts Honor, before jumping into three new series including Non-Stop Spider-Man, and Karmen. We wrap up the comics by helping everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth  celebrate his 30th anniversary. 

Comics Agenda is hosted by Michael (Twitter@mokepf7), Jonathan (@callmeboesy), and Greg (Twitter@Comicsportsgeek). We discuss new comicbook releases each week, in addition to news, movies, and TV.

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 2021-03-12  2h2m