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30 Issues | Defending (and Defining) Political Correctness

Steven Petrow, modern-day etiquette columnist who writes the "Civilities" column for The Washington Post, makes a case for political correctness in society and discusses his experiences with the issue as a purveyor of good manners advice.

"We use that phrase an awful lot," said Petrow of political correctness, "but it seems to mean different things to the user, and that’s part of the problem here."

Here's what @StevenPetrow wrote a few months back, on PC culture: #30Issues

— Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) May 13, 2016

We have the right to be "PC" or not. When u demand it u take away freedom, sensitize the people, & anger those who don't agree. @BrianLehrer

— SCOTCHPHOENIX (@ScotchPhoenix) May 13, 2016

@BrianLehrer people can say whatever they want. They just have to be ready to accept the impact of their speech

— Jeanine T. Abraham (@J9dances) May 13, 2016

We seem to be losing the value of free speech in debate over PC, says @StevenPetrow, agreeing with @NickKristof:

— Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) May 13, 2016


 2016-05-13  24m