Mostly Speakin' Sentai

Join Nicole and James, long-time best friends who kiss each other, as they share their genuine, earnest love of the Super Sentai series with fellow Chicago musicians, comedians, podcasters, artists, and friends! No snobbery here. No correcting each other. Just love, happiness, and many goofs while they're mostly speakin' Sentai! Watch along with them, completely free and legal at or through the TubiTV app on RokuTV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, xBox One, and PS3/PS4!


Episode 103: "Alexa, Self-Destruct!"

We're out here destroy things for the HECK of it while trying to find out what our crush looks like under a sensual helmet because we watched Case File 24 of Timeranger entitled "Yellow, Sometimes Blue"! Join us as we chat about helicopter blades, puppy tickles, Richards, proper introductions, poking the bear, facehuggers, body shaving,  Meijer, the movie "Birdie", dairy farms, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", Alexa demands, Burger King breakfast, Biden's America, more Alien talk, disintegration, signifying the passage of time, NFTs, comic talk, preferred haunting locations, glow ups, & more!

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 2021-03-18  58m