Dirty Detectives

Dirty Detectives is a scripted, investigative (not-so) true crime podcast. On a cold spring evening, Lincoln Bracegirdle’s “girlfriend” and love of his life Abigail was kidnapped. Join “filmmakers” Alex and Peter as they try to solve the case, re-unite the lovers and seek fame and fortune as podcasters. Season 1 is available now in its entirety.



episode 5: The Silas Situation

Hot on the trail of a prime suspect, Alex and Peter learn more than they ever imagined as a secret identity is revealed.

Starring Keith Korneluk, Hardy Awadjie, Greg Bernhard, Sky Soleil and Aidan Korneluk.
Written & Directed by Keith Korneluk
Mixing & Mastering by David Swope

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 2021-03-17  15m