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"A Midlife Less Ordinary" is the not so series guide to being cool older dudes by two middle-aged British guys "Wayne & Trev" Who have decided to take midlife on by encouraging others to make the most of their lives. This genuine and humorous podcast is accessible to all and features a variety of topics presented in an easy to digest format.Season 1 featured the guys going on a nostalgic trip and approached a few masculine topics such as beard clubs, growing beards, grooming and exercising. Season 2 has a more broader appeal as the guys invite expert hobbyist's onto the show who showcase their pastimes and offer advice whilst other episodes focus on up and coming musicians and artists and showcase their talents and how we can all enjoy their work. Whatever the subject is, as others have found, you will have a good time with Wayne & Trev, new episodes every Sunday.



episode 11: Video Game Consoles: Hands Off My Joystick [transcript]

Date: 21st March 2021

Name of show: A Midlife Less Ordinary

Episode title and number: Season 1 Episode 11

Video Games Consoles: Hands Off  My Joystick

Brief summary of show:

After last week’s delve into the world of arcade based games, Wayne & Trev switch their attention to the “at-home” version that is the world of video game consoles. From the Atari 2600 in the late 1970’s to the ultra-high definition gaming we enjoy today, you are sure to find yourself being taken back to a more carefree time of your life where you rushed home from school or work to finish that game you had stayed up until all hours playing the night before.


Bullet points of key topics & time stamps:

Trev: 1:12 

I think sometimes that takes you away from the gameplay. They tried to make stuff. So epic it can I've done me wrong. I love playing those kinds of games. Because you can really immerse yourself into them. Because yes, I'm not as good as I used to be. So I don't play online anymore because I just get beaten to a pulp by some kid in Brazil, who's about nine.

Wayne: 15:28 

But can I make a plea to everyone don't please don't invest. When we know you got enjoying playing your games, please don't invest in one of these digital only once versions. Because really, what that's doing away with what they want us to do is basically stop being able to trade in our games, because then you'll buy the game once no stuck with it, you're gonna just have to delete it. You can't use that to invest in a different game. So I'm waiting for the dispersion. Yeah, exactly. And that's the way you can tell that's where they want us to go with it. Because then they've got it. They can't sell anything. So you can be buying more games?

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