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episode 53: VOBS TECH-TALK #53

It says “Rolling Into The Next 10 Years!”

No matter where you watch or listen to Voice Over Body Shop, you know that Dan and George, the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated experts in home voice over studio technology, are here for you. As we begin the next ten years, we rededicate ourselves to bringing you the most up to date information on how to best record your voice over tracks. 

This week on VOBS TECK-TALK #53, “The Guys” talk about the 10 things they’ve learned in working thousands of home VO Studios. It’s insightful, informative and entertaining stuff you don’t want to miss! 

Plus we answer your huge list of questions on Processing Plug ins, Recording ADR and dubbing at home, Ports on the new Mac mini, how and when to use a “Cloudlifter.”

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 2021-03-21  1h0m