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Explore the Madness of Bronze Age Marvel Comics with hosts Herman Louw and Billy D_licious! Here we focus on the really bizarre, such as the trippy Doctor Strange comic books of the 1970s, with zany characters like Morbius, Man-Thing, Howard The Duck, and Ghost Rider, among others. So join us for a comic-filled jaunt... INTO THE WEIRD. We also offer the additional shows Dragons & Jive, House of Licensed Ideas, and Radio Free Hyboria on Patreon at Let weirdness reign!


Into The Weird CROSSOVER Special - Acts of Vengeance!

Welcome to our very first Weird CROSSOVER Special, where Billy and Herm dissect Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #11-13 (1989-90) as a part of the Merry Marvel MARCHing Society Podcast Crossover.

Listen along with us and bear witness to some bizarre battles between Stephen Strange and foes with delusions of grandeur (Hobgoblin), foes with a serious case of Basorexia (Enchantress), and misogynist kidnappers (Arkon the Not-So-Magnificent). Thrill at the return of the beauteous Clea, and cringe at Stephen's appearance on a talk show. All this and much more are included in this bonus special. You dare not miss it!


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