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Getting Hooked on React Part 2

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces and is one of the most widely used libraries to date. Last season we discussed the basics of React and today we’re going to dive into the more advanced aspects of the library. Let’s get started.

Episode Notes
  • [04:16] React Hooks
  • [22:28] State Management
  • [26:43] Design Patterns
  • [40:39] Performance
  • [49:33] Testing
  • [51:15] Prop types and TypeScript
  • [55:21] Shoutouts
  • Getting Hooked On React -
  • React patterns -
  • React Chrome Developer Tools -
  • react-window -
  • react-virtualized -
  • Methods of Improving & Optimizing Performance In React Apps -
  • React Testing Library -
  • Enzyme -
  • Jest -
  • A Complete Guide to useEffect -
  • Use Refs Sparingly -
  • Presentational and Stateful components thoughts -
  • Episode with Angie -
  • Kent C. Dodd’s Testing React -
  • TypeScript book Stefan Baumgartner -
  • Playground Inspector Tik Tok -


 2021-03-22  n/a