GM Word of the Week

You can’t spell Game Master without “pretentious.” Well, you can, actually. But let’s pretend you can’t so I can make a point. My point is a good Game Master needs a lot of big, fancy words at their disposal to make their flavor text as confusing as possible. Oops. I mean engaging, not confusing. More at


Hot Chocolate

Warm, delicious, and comforting pretty much describes Hot Chocolate to a tee. Which makes it hard to explain why we forgot to do an episode about it when we were talking about warm, delicious, comforting drinks all that time ago. But here we are at last with the story of Hot Chocolate. Not Chocolate, Hot Chocolate. There’s a difference. Let’s find out what it is. You can support GM Word of the Week by visiting our support page:


 2021-03-24  24m