Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn present #ACFM – a show examining the links between left-wing politics, culture, music and experiences of collective joy. Brought to you by Novara Media.



#ACFM Trip 8: Acid Urbanism

Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn discuss Acid Urbanism, including, The Right to the City, Communist Follies and Reclaiming the Streets. Edited and produced by Olivia Humphreys, Matt Huxley and Matt Phull. PRS LICENCE NUMBER: LE-0016481 Tracklist: D-Shake – Techno Trance/ The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City/ David Bowie – London Bye, Ta-Ta/ The Specials – Ghost Town/ Pete Seeger – O What a Beautiful City Texts: Henri Lefebrvre – The Right to the City /Naomi Klein – No Logo/ Ivan Chtcheglov – Formulary for a New Urbanism / Greil Marcus – Lipstick Trace/ Ashley Dawson – Extreme Cities / Common Wealth – ‘Green New Deal City‘



 2020-02-16  58m