Final Imprint: True Crime Tapes

The truth is out there and Final Imprint: True Crime Tapes is where lesser known cases across the world is told.


Tape 3: Koodathai Cyanide Murders (Part 1)

Final Imprint presents India’s most disturbing true crime stories. 47 - year-old mother Jolly Amma Joseph poisoned and killed six members of her own family for 14 years. And in tape 3 we see how she managed to remain above suspicion until the police blew the cover off in 2019. Support the show on PayPal: Research and writing: Mis Dwemeaner  For cases suggestions and feedback please click: Link  24-HR trauma helpline  1-800-985-5990 Dark Topic Ep: The Demented Farmer of Bath- Apple Podcast Link  See for privacy information.


 2021-03-18  28m