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episode 226: The Comics Agenda: In A Comic No One Can Hear You Scream

We start out talking about Disney+ news. First we talk about the Hawkeye spinoff starring Echo. Then we get into the move of Black Widow delay and the addition of a Disney+ premiere date. 

We wrap up the news talking about DC recently banning its artist from selling NFTs of their art. What is a NFT? Should DC ban them? We have all your answers 

What Would You Do For Love
Michael brings us the story of Meatloafs reality show. In it couples will compete to show what they will and won't do for love. Will we watch it? And find out what would cause us and our significant others eliminated. 

We start the discussions revisiting the K-9s over in Stray Dogs #2. Next we live the mime life in HaHa #3. We travel to space to hear if anyone can hear us discuss Alien #1. We follow the homicidal villain Carnage in Carnage: Black, White and Blood #1, before heading over to follow up on two more King In Black tie-ins with Scream #1 and Savage Avengers #19

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 2021-03-26  2h27m