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Motherhood is a journey! Michelle joins you on your greatest adventure! Each week hear experts, entrepreneurs, and fellow parents share advice and information as you navigate motherhood. Conversations with other parents will keep you laughing and learning!


Eat Better, Hypnosis for Calmer Parenting, Children's Literacy and Mind Gym for Your Business

March is National Nutrition Month and Amy Goodson, Registered Dietician, shares really helpful tips for getting our kids to eat healthier. She also shares some fun facts about certain foods you probably didn't know!

Author and former football star, Malcolm Mitchell, shares his love of reading and provides tips and resources for parents and teachers to keep kids from falling behind during this critical learning window.

Irin and Jake Rubin are the founders of MamaZen. MamaZen is a mindfulness app that uses a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy and mindfulness to help ease the stress, fatigue, burnout and anxiety of parenting. The app houses over 150 brief audio sessions (5-15 min) covering common topics among moms - stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, guilt, health and diet, stage of childhood, and more.

Dr. Janet Ahn is the Chief Behavioral Science Officer for MindGymMindGym, a pioneer in workplace management, uses the latest psychology and behavioral science to transform how people think, feel, and behave to improve the performance of companies and the lives of people who work in them. MindGym works with major corporations including Microsoft, MetLife, Southwest, Audi, and over half the S&P 100.


 2021-03-23  38m