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episode 209: The Secret Life of Chuck Goolsbee

Apple released the Apple Network Server in 1996. Nearly a decade after having thrown down the gauntlet with IBM in the personal computer ads, such as the now infamous 1984 ad, Apple and IBM were nice and cozy and Apple had taken a number of lumps in the market. Since the desktop operating system wasn’t made with the type of threading required for increasingly large centralized workloads, they partnered with IBM to get AIX running on a Network Server 500. Must have been quite the shiner.

  • Chuck Goolsbee “just some guy, you know”
  • Tom Bridge - @tbridge777
  • Charles Edge - @cedge318
  • Marcus Ransom - @marcusransom


  • Marathon
  • Apple Fritter
  • AISS
  • Nanoraptor ANS
  • Xserve Eulogy: May It Rack In Peace
  • System X
  • Chuck’s Review of the 1965 E-Type
  • Chuck's Road Trip Blog Post
  • Cannonball


  • Kandji
  • VMWare Workspace One
  • Halp
  • Watchman Monitoring

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 2021-03-29  1h47m