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Data Driven CX is THE podcast, where you learn all about Data Driven Customer Experience. For leaders in Marketing, CX, Digital, Data, Information and IT who want to learn more on HOW to make use of data to successfully engage with customers and transform CX in their organizations. In this podcast, the fundamentals of Data Driven CX are explored in conversations with industry thought leaders and successful business leaders. You learn trends, industry standards, how to tackle challenges, practical tips and best practices on: 1. Connecting customer data to make better CX decisions; 2. Creating Trusted data by making the process transparent; 3. Experimenting and innovating based on data; 4. Turning data into Actionable insights; 5. Driving Adoption of a data culture and new technologies to support it. The host of this Informatica podcast is Nienke Bloem CCXP, global expert in CX who interviews thought leaders, experts, and business partners, to dive into the world of data driven CX.


episode 2: CX Data Strategy with Trevor Hodges

In this second episode of the Data Driven CX podcast, we discuss CX Data Strategy. CX is very much at the heart of Digital Transformation and almost every initiative will be driven by, or dependent on, data. To have a data strategy is to think about data as a strategic asset and make sure you maximize data leverage. 

How then do you build your data strategy in support of CX? Trevor Hodges introduces a data strategy framework that can help structure your thinking and promote consistency. The framework has been designed based on hundreds of customer engagements in the history of Informatica, which has allowed us to capture best practices and understand core elements to ensure successful outcomes. Using a framework such as this will decrease risk, support collaboration, and serve as a communication tool. 

The framework consists of five building blocks:

  1. The “CX Data Strategy” building block sets the stage for the overall data strategy, it defines your business drivers, needs, and enablers.
  2. “Data Capabilities” defines the set of capabilities needed to support your wider business and digital strategy, leading to higher-level business outcomes. 
  3. The “Program Management” building block defines the ownership, governance, planning and execution.
  4. The “Change Management” building block ensures attention to cultural aspects, skills, roles, training, and enablement. 
  5. And transcending all the layers is the building block of “Measure and Monitor” - the measures you require to assess the effectiveness of your program.

Trevor shares a customer example, then provides some advice on how to pick the right projects to get things started. This involves taking both a bottom-up and a top-down perspective. 

We end this episode by touching on Informatica’s own focus on customer experience and customer success. 

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 2021-03-25  29m