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episode 159: Personal Branding on Instagram with Jasmine Star | Ep. 159

Today we talk with Jasmine Star, a business strategist and photographer, who helps entrepreneurs grow their social platforms and personal brands, especially on Instagram. She teaches others how to use social media to connect and engage with followers.


  • Listen to Jasmine's best tips for finding your passion
  • Learn what to watch out for as a creative person
  • Discover important Social Media growth tips
  • Give yourself permission to be real and authentic


"When people are excited about a business, they will buy when they want. When people are excited about a person, they will buy to support and support is endless."

"An experience is simply what somebody will say about you when you walk out of the room."

"If people think, 'I don't know what I'm passionate about,' my advice is to make a list of what you like to do, truly, and then start doing."

"Consistency is the only path to growth. I don't care if you have all of the hacks and all of the secrets. I don't care if you have a massive ad budget. True growth, organic growth, conscientious growth, engaging growth, comes on the back of consistency all day, every day, no matter what digital marketing hack there is out there."


Personal Website:

Social Curator:

Instagram: @jasminestar


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 2021-03-31  45m