Dirty Detectives

Dirty Detectives is a scripted, investigative (not-so) true crime podcast. On a cold spring evening, Lincoln Bracegirdle’s “girlfriend” and love of his life Abigail was kidnapped. Join “filmmakers” Alex and Peter as they try to solve the case, re-unite the lovers and seek fame and fortune as podcasters. Season 1 is available now in its entirety.



episode 7: She's Found!

A chase ensues with an ending so epic and explosive, no one saw it coming.

Starring Keith Korneluk, Hardy Awadjie, Greg Bernhard, Aurea Tomeski, Eric Wibbelsmann, Sky Soleil and Cheryl Dent.
Written & Directed by Keith Korneluk
Mixing & Mastering by David Swope

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 2021-03-31  11m