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episode 15: The Man Who "Knows What Happened" To The Beaumont Children

The disappearance of The Beaumont Children is burned into the collective conscious of Australia. It’s one of the longest running cases in the nation’s history and has baffled law enforcement for more than half a century.

Stuart Mullins grew up down the road from the Beaumont children in Adelaide. Over the years he has researched and co authored investigative writing into their disappearance. He walks us through the case, and why he believes he knows just who is responsible for the disappearance of Jane, Arnna and Grant on Australia Day in 1966.

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GUEST: Stuart Mullins
HOST: Jessie Stephens
PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


  • The Satin Man: Uncovering the mystery of the Beaumont Children, Alan Whiticker and Stuart Mullins 
  • Mother of missing Beaumont children, Nancy Beaumont, dies aged 92 - ABC News 
  • The Beaumont Children: What Really Happened, Channel 7 
  • The Beaumont Children Mystery: Crime Investigation Australia, Channel 7 
  • Beaumont children search: Police end today’s dig, having found no human remains, The Adelaide Advertiser 


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 2019-09-26  55m