The Michigan Constitution Podcast

Tony Snyder is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan who offers a bi-monthly podcast on the Michigan Constitution. Here you will learn about each Article and its respective Sections, what they mean, and case law that has addressed how those provision are implemented in the day-to-day lives of citizens of Michigan.


episode 29: E-29: Search & Seizure (Part 3)

Our next smattering of cases we’re going to discuss includes a United State Supreme Court case which took at look at the Michigan Constitution’s Article 1, Section 11 provision by reviewing the requirements of a homeowner to stay with the police (however, without an arrest warrant) during a search of his home for drugs.

Is it considered an ‘unreasonable seizure’ of a person to stay with the police, while they execute a search warrant of your home?

To what extent can a search warrant be issued to a police officer, based on an informant’s credibility to the police?

We’re going to address these two important cases, in greater detail, here in this podcast!


 2021-02-15  28m