Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.


episode 62: The Casserole that Ate the Eldritch County Rodeo

Continuing on to Perdition Pass, the party comes upon the Eldritch County Rodeo, with all the dinosaurs we can eat. To sum up: as in the title a casserole goes nuts and attacks the rodeo and the party needs to help defend the town. The Gagmen are expanding their Tex-Mex Fantasy adventure world, so lasso your brains around that. Also, Dave gets grumpy while Michael, James, and Corbett get chatty about Mariachi Music.


 2016-07-09  52m