Queertronica Podcast

Saeleen Bouvar is the founder of the Salon Queertronique and the first Balkan trans woman of electronic music. She is known for her sets dripping with queerness, which not only tell a story full of passion and sex, but will also make some bodies sweat. As Salonnière of the Salon Queertronique, founded in May 2017, Saeleen Bouvar enriches the Hamburg club life with a good portion of TransVisibility at the Decks. Her sets impress with her knowledge from three decades of queer club culture. From this source she draws the material for the creation of her uniquely mixed compositions. Under the aspect of "Recreate-Restore-Reform" she resurrects the old sound of the gay disco and the later queer clubs and mixes it with new elements to create a new whole, always with a refined, feminine elegance between disco, Chicago and acid house, as well as electroclash and techno. After her gigs at the Fusion Festival 2019, in Athens, in Bale and at the Queer Bcademy in Kampnagel, Saeleen is setting sail to new horizons. For further informations and bookings, please write to: saeleenbouvar@gmail...



Femmetronica Mix for [sic]nal Radio

This mix is a remake of the set I made for @sicnalradio. Because of the very bad sound quality, I decided to re-mix it at my little home studio. I normally wanted to wait a bit, but the urgent case of a POC trans woman in need forces me to publish it now. Due to the lockdown restrictions she is experiencing a terrible foreclosure, which has led her to current viral threat, in lack of any resource in order to pay her bills, we are making an effort to raise some money so that she can continue to have shelter, electricity and water until travel is open and she can to continue her struggle for survival. Most of us have found ourselves in a similar situation and for many trans people this precariousness never ceases. In order to secure her from homelessness, please donate to following bank account: Name: KARA OKTAI IBAN: GR9501104350000043500382106 BIC: ETHNGRAA Even the least amont of money would help! Thank you very much!


 2021-04-05  1h17m