Gold Code aka Raf Zevallos-Crowe, is a dj/producer based in Orange County, California. A lifelong music lover, collector and veteran dj, Raf's eclectic sets run the gamut of dance music with a base in house and techno. Growing up in 1980s Los Angeles, he was initially inspired by radio mixshows and djs such as: Doc Martin, Rob One, Michael "Mixxin" Moore, and 1580 KDAY Mixmasters. Moving to San Francisco in 1992, he immersed himself in its underground scene. Attending parties lead to working them and eventually to djing. He played his first warehouse in 1996 and spent the next 10 years djing and producing some of San Francisco’s most infamous parties and club nights. "Gold Code" was initially founded as a music blog in 2007. The site showcased past, present, and future classics and as well as his personal edits and dj mixes. In 2009, he focused his efforts on music production and a live show. He adopting "Gold Code" as his moniker and debuted a well-received live set at the celebrated “As You Like It” parties...



OMAKASE, episode 290 Airdate: 04/04/2021 DJ: Gold Code *Tracklist [artist, title, label]* 1. Jose Padilla, Blitz Magic, International Feel 2. JAI, Robert Miles’ Children Choir, Les Yeux Orange 3. Dj Kaos, Region Centrale, Jolly Jams 4. M>O>S, Friday, Rush Hour 5. Black Cadmium, Chain Reaction, Naive 6. The Airplane Crashers, White Rabbit, Subway & Subway 7. Soul II Soul, Jazzie’s Groove (Happy Face/Funky Bass), Virgin 8. Bappi Lahiri, Habiba (Jim Hopkins Rhythm Stick Tape Edit), Rhythm Stick 9. Blancmange, Living on the ceiling (Roman Flügel remix), London 10. Benedek, King Kong, L.I.E.S. Records 11. Gamma Intel, Taboesfeer, Pinkman 12. Space, Mixed Up (Faze Action edit), Z Records 13. Blue Horizon, Jam Boogie, Toxsan 14. Michael The Lion, Get More (Original Mix), Razor-N-Tape Records 15. Trackmaster Dre, Konnektin Dots (Original Mox), ODD / EVEN 16. Rene Wise & Rødhåd, 190205, WSNWG 17. Ruskin & Broom, OCS, Blueprint 18. -=UHU=-, Breaking New Spaces, Transient Force 19. Blue Soul, Sinking Siren, Aphorism Recordings 20. Projekt Eins, Hit’n’Run, Rat Life 21. Anthiliawaters, Barcelona, Isophlux 22. Gosub, Without You, Libertine Records 23. Traumprinz, I Love Ya, Traumprinz 24. A Sagittariun, Heart Sūtra, Craigie Knowes Ltd 25. Roman Debnar, Calm The Nerves, Zeitnot 26. DJ Di’Jital, Armada Bass, Rawax 27. Rene Wise, Windrunner, Mote-Evolver 28. Deniro, Coachella, Trip 29. Developer, Hexmode, Modularz 30. Ryan James Ford, Six Stair, Sävy Records *LINKS*


 2021-04-05  1h57m