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episode 2: Gatmo Sessions Episode 2 - Sideshow Seance & Thirsty? [279-285]

Our second Gatmo megamix features a selection of tracks from 2007's Sideshow Seance and 2012's Thirsty? (don't forget that question-mark now), with some more positive feelings from Martin and Sam, some musings on how 'seriously' these recordings are being taken, and the visible and invisible work that goes into an artist's creative output.

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Music extracts used for illustrative/review purposes include: Augminished Returns, Sideshow Seance, Gatmo/Waits et al (2007) Winged Audition, Sideshow Seance, Gatmo/Waits et al (2007) J.B.'s Choir, Sideshow Seance, Gatmo/Waits et al (2007) Laz Is Late, Thirsty?, Gatmo/Waits et al (2012) Crow's Landing, Thirsty?, Gatmo/Waits et al (2012) Waterphone Moan, Thirsty?, Gatmo/Waits et al (2012) My Clap Cuppeth Over, Thirsty?, Gatmo/Waits et al (2012)

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 2021-04-07  33m