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In READY, SET, host and filmmaker Ashley Good talks with other filmmakers, artists, and generally interesting people. Sometimes there is a solo episode thrown in and things get weird. New episodes are released every Tuesday!


Episode 028 - Solo Cast 4

Ready, Set with Ashley Good Episode 028 That's right, I recorded another solo episode. You're all a bunch of enablers! This week, I talk about my failed faux-rivalry with Lindsay Lohan, my conspiracy theory about Big Oil and veganism, and the connection between 2000s pop-culture and feminist wave theory. Wee! *** Song: Paris Hilton - Drunk Text *** Resources: More Than You See - More Than You See is a platform providing resources, personal stories, and a place to start diving into your mental health. Ms. in the Biz - Ms. in the Biz is an archive of over 2000 articles aimed at helping women in the entertainment and film industry. *** Follow Ready, Set on Instagram @ReadySetPod Learn more about my other projects at and


 2021-01-26  30m