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episode 606: 2222 to Toulouse - Google vs Oracle, Google IO 2021, Nest Hub 2 Review, OnePlus Watch Hands-On

Google vs Oracle, Google IO 2021, Nest Hub 2 Review, OnePlus Watch Hands-On

  • Supreme Court sides with Google in Oracle's API copyright case.
  • Google I/O 2021 will be virtual and free to attend from May 18-20.
  • Exclusive: Pixel 6 will be powered by new Google-made 'Whitechapel' chip.
  • RIP LG: South Korean giant officially exits the smartphone market.
  • Stacey's Nest Hub 2 review.
  • Ikea is working with Sonos on a hidden speaker built into art you hang on the wall.
  • Google AI Research Manager Quits After Two Ousted From Group.
  • Waymo boss John Krafcik leaving autonomous car company, co-CEOs named.
  • Google launches Lyra codec in beta to reduce voice call bandwidth usage.
  • Google acquires 3D audio startup Dysonics to develop new 'audio hardware,' possibly Pixel Buds.
  • Ketchup shortage!
  • What Really Caused Facebook's 500M-User Data Leak?
  • Amazon offers rare apology, says it will look for solutions to drivers peeing in bottles.
  • ACLU, a defender of digital privacy, reveals that it shares user data with Facebook.
  • Another Day, Another Ridiculous NY Times Opinion Piece That Is Confused About Section 230 And Free Speech Online.
  • Google Pixel 5 sees massive GPU performance gains with April 2021 update.
  • Pixel 5's April update improves camera quality in 3rd-party apps, optimizes game performance, more.
  • Google posts Android 12 Developer Preview 2.2 with April security patch and bug fixes.
  • Google is developing parts of Android in Rust to improve security.
  • Appicide: Google Play Music final update lets you hide it.
  • Google inadvertently leaks green 'Pixel Buds A' in email push.
  • Google Workspace users can continue to create unlimited Docs until next year.
  • Google opens Android Auto to new navigation, parking, and charging apps.
  • Lots of new Chrome updates: particularly like multiple cut-and-paste; improved screen grab.


  • Stacey:'s $299 connected Xupermask.
  • Jeff: a16z marketplace rankings.
  • Jeff: Lufthansa flight two two two two to Toulouse.
  • Ant: LumaCare Duo.
  • Ant: Wanderers Photographic Cultural Experiences.
  • Jason: OnePlus Watch hands-on.

Hosts: Jason Howell, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, and Ant Pruitt

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 2021-04-08  2h17m