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Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!


episode 86: The etymology of loot – extremophiles, subtraction bias, jargon

This is technically still a plant podcast even though we talk a suspiciously long time about fancy words and worms. There is also a new favourite plant, an awesome researcher and cool new science from the last week or so!

  • Eutrema salsugineum – eXtreme Plants
  • Learning from Evolution: Thellungiella Generates New Knowledge on Essential and Critical Components of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants 
  • Berta Lange de Morretes, 1917 – 2016 (99 years)
  • Gabrielle Adams on Twitter
  • Video: Less is more: Why our brains struggle to subtract
  • News and Views: Adding is favoured over subtracting in problem solving 
  • Construction of simple structures drastically improves biotope health along streams
  • Hubert Duprat’ precious larvae — Cercle
  • Want other scientists to cite you? Drop the jargon; The actual paper
  • Organic Chemistry Taught Me to Fully Inhabit My Mixed Identities | Ariana Remmel
  • How pirouettes and pliés prepared me for a research career
  • How to stop psychopaths and narcissists from winning positions of power
  • Cat happy birthday

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 2021-04-09  1h22m