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episode 228: The Comics Agenda: Lets Do The Mash...The Monster Mash, Godzilla vs Kong!

Special Guest!

Fellow EIC and Co-Founder of Geek'd Out Insha Fitzpatrick joins us to talk about what she has been up to including her Graphic Novel, Oh My Gods! and her upcoming project about Rosa Parks. 


We  start the episode by talking about the first trailer for Disney's Loki series. What did we think? Are we supposed to cheer a homicidal maniac?  All those questions and more are answered during the show. 

Godzilla vs Kong

We change up the vibe of the show and start with our review and discussion of Godzilla vs Kong. What did we think of the Titans battling? When did Mephesto show up? And how bad is Millie Bobby Brown at acting? Oh, and who won the fight?


This is it! The finale of the longest event ever, King In Black. We talk about the Planet of Symbiotes, Venom, and King In Black.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier 

The week we see the breakout of Baron Zemo, the return of Sharon Carter!

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 2021-04-09  2h3m