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episode 87: Licked by a bee – pollinators, plants and pollinators (also pollinators)

A bumblebee’s tongue is not something we thought to discuss but here we are. This week, by pure coincidence, is all about plants and their pollinators. Follow the buzz, sip some nectar and come along for some plant science.

  • 3 Guys Created A Pink Glove For Disposing Tampons. Give Us Strength 
  • IT flaw that assigned every ‘Miss’ a child’s weight onboard Tui plane causes ‘serious incident’ 
  • Paper of the week
    • Mackin, CR,  Peña, JF,  Blanco, MA,  Balfour, NJ,  Castellanos, MC.  Rapid evolution of a floral trait following acquisition of novel pollinators. J Ecol.  2021; 00: 1– 13. 
    • press release
    • The plant that hides from human eyes – Plants and Pipettes
  • Larger pollinators deposit more pollen on stigmas across multiple plant species
  • Pollen PCP-B peptides unlock a stigma peptide–receptor kinase gating mechanism for pollination
  • The Great Sperm Race (Human Reproduction Documentary) | Real Stories 
  • Butterflies provide ‘extraordinary’ help pollinating cotton fields
  • How we discovered a hidden world of fungi inside the world’s biggest seed bank
  • Angiosperm pollinivory in a Cretaceous beetle
  • The last meal of a Cretaceous pollinator
  • Anti‐herbivore silicon defences in a model grass are greatest under Miocene levels of atmospheric CO2
  • Silicon: its ameliorative effect on plant defense against herbivory
  • Plants remember drought
  • Plants and Pipettes Podcast episode on Venus Fly Traps: Social Distancing Bats – Venus Fly Traps, Pandas, Chinas Carbon Capture
  • MIT Scientists Translated the Structure of a Spider Web Into Music – Watch & Listen
  • A Genius New Simulation Has Revealed More on How Whiskers Actually Work 
  • We read “The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan in the newest episode of the Plant Book Club!
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 2021-04-16  1h27m