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episode 229: The Comics Agenda: That IS Not My Captain America


Who doesn't want their own lightsaber? We start the show talking about rumors of a replica Lightsaber that may be coming soon from Disney Parks. Would Kevin Smith announced his latest movie would be sold to one  person as an NFT? The owner of the NFT would then be about to do whatever they wanted with the digital copy of the movie? What would we do with it? What do we think of the idea?

Lego My Lego

Michael brings us a story of an international LEGO heist. 


We head back down the Proctor Valley Road with issue two, where we see what trouble the girls can get into next. Then it's a plethora of number ones as we  check out the Sandman, Locke & Key crossover, Home, Julie Verne's Lighthouse, and finally Spiderman Spider Shadow. 

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 2021-04-16  2h10m