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Welcome to the Raising The Standard show, our mission is clear: to call you as a Kingdom Man to Raise the Standard in all areas of life. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you’re weak. The world is wrestling over masculinity and trying to define what it means for you to be a man. In a world full of noise my mission is to show you how Jesus sets the Standard for men in the areas of Biblical masculinity and manhood. Inside the Raising the Standard show you will learn how to optimize your life in the areas of Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. You will end the struggle of which path to follow as you listen and learn without compromising your beliefs. As a disciple You are created to achieve greatness, overcome challenges and chase excellence in everything you do. We are a movement of kingdom men committed to raising the standard. Join us at standard59.com



episode 2: The #1 Lie Keeping You on the Sidelines | Episode 2

RTS #2 Why do some guys advance in their life and calling, while others seem to be stuck and never progress? In Proverbs, King Solomon says “a man’s gift will make room for him.” In this episode of Raising The Standard Josh exposes a pervasive and popular belief in Christian circles that will keep you on the sidelines. Every man will need to break this limiting belief in order to discover God’s plan, develop his gift, and advance the Kingdom of God.  Listen and learn with Biblical examples that you can apply in your life today. 

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 2021-04-16  13m